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About us

Rights Reporter is a totally independent non-profit organization that aims to provide accurate, timely and truthful information about the events that happen around us with particular attention to the Middle East and Africa. The server and the domain are provided by an Italian association which nevertheless guarantees Rights Reporter volunteers complete editorial independence. We will try, in our small way, to give alternative information to the usual “standard information”, to explain things to you and also to touch on topics that are generally considered to be “not very attractive”.

Information sources

By choice we have decided not to use the usual sources of information, often politically addressed. Our sources of information are people, journalists from different newspapers who, for contractual reasons, write (free) under a pseudonym, activists, cooperators, ordinary citizens who want to make the truth known. The network of “truth activists” is constantly growing. For this reason, on Rights Reporter very often you will find news that on the other media there are not or are deliberately “addressed”. It may happen, like everyone else, that a news story turns out to be wrong, incorrect or inaccurate. The correction will be timely. To become a “truth activist” write to Rights Reporter using the “write an article for RR” form.

We are not interested in having a million entries, but we are interested in having a demanding and competent audience.

Rights Reporter does not benefit from the choice of any public contribution

All collaborators, authors, managers and owners will provide their contribution for free and without any periodic recurrence established.

You can support us by making a small donation.