That Erdogan had mire on a part of Syria was known, but that he wanted to go beyond restricted actions to Syrian Kurdistan seemed like a gamble.

Instead, in spite of Russia and half a world warning it not to do so, the Turkish dictator has already phagocated the Aleppo area and is preparing to eat much of the rest.

Erdogan is using the same tactic used by the Taliban in Afghanistan, which district after district is conquering the entire country.

Since yesterday Erdogan’s new objective has been the governorate of Aleppo. The Turkish dictator is smart, he sends forward military groups supported by him, and then first he brings them together and later he puts them under his protection and influence.

And so really yesterday and following the fusion of different groups that were checking the countries around Aleppo, groups then met in the Free Syrian Army (FSA) supported by the Turkey, the campaign for the conquest of the governorate of Aleppo is officially opened.

It’s not just a step. Aleppo is the Syrian martyr city par excellence. He was among the first to oppose Bashar al-Assad, among the last to fall.

Contested until the last between the Turkish army (Operation Olive Branch) and the Syrian army alongside the Kurdish fighters, the latter remained on condition that the Kurds retreat to Afrin (then conquered by Erdogan with huge shedding of Kurdish blood).

Now the Turkish dictator is no longer scrupulous and with his militiamen, all former ISIS jihadists, openly points to Aleppo, where everyone has failed.

But Aleppo is just another step in Erdogan’s plan that is not so much the physical conquest of all Syria as rather the overthrow of Assad (on the other hand just re-elected President of Syria with the usual Farlocque elections) and the annexation of some governorates.

The fact remains that the Turkish dictator does whatever he wants in Syria, Libya, the Horn of Africa and wherever he wants, all with the massive use of jihadists ex-ISIS. And this should make reflecting really.