Israel is alone in the fight against Iran. The head of the IDF, Aviv Kohavi, said yesterday during a conference in memory of the former head of the IDF Amnon Lipkin-Shahak at the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya.

“It would be better if we weren’t the only ones to answer them militarily,” said Kohavi in ​​what appeared to be a critique of the United States and the Gulf countries who also claim to be enemies of Iran.

Then the IDF chief issued a dark warning to the Israeli population that when the war with Iran arrives (and arrives) the first to be hit hard will be the internal front, that is, the major Israeli cities.

«It must be known and recognized that in the next war – both in the north and against Hamas – heavy fire will be directed against our internal front. I am looking people in the eye and telling them that there will be a strong fire. We must recognize this and we must prepare for this … We must prepare ourselves militarily for this; civil hierarchies must prepare for this; and we have to prepare mentally, “added the head of the IDF.

Aviv Kohavi said the IDF was operating across the region – openly, secretly and clandestinely – to thwart Iran’s and its delegates’ plans, even at the risk of war.

“Nobody wants a war,” added Kohavi. “War is the last resort. But sometimes it is also the solution”.

Last November, it was former Israeli ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, who designed a nightmare scenario in the event of a conflict between Israel and Iran.

Missile against Netanyahu rally. Immediate Israeli response

Last night while the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was holding an election rally in Ashkelon, in the south of the country, a missile was launched from Gaza against the Israeli city. The Iron Dome system shot down the missile before it could hit the city.

The same thing had happened in September during a Netanyahu rally. After 15 minutes, the Premier returned to the stage, however, issuing a warning to the terrorists. “The person who fired the rocket last time is no longer with us. The person who did it this time should start packing, ”Netanyahu said referring to the death of Baha Abu al-Ata, a Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist leader whom Israel believes ordered the missile attack in September.

The Israeli response is immediate. An IDF spokesman said warplanes and helicopters hit several targets belonging to the Hamas terrorist group, “including some military complexes from the terrorist group.”

Missile hits Iranian base in Syria. Five dead

Meanwhile, a missile the origin of which (almost certainly Israeli) is unknown last night hit an Iranian base near the city of Abu Kamal, on the border between Syria and Iraq, killing at least five Iranian militiamen. It is the same base that the IDF has been targeting for months and which it has attacked on several occasions.