After a period of relative calm, Hamas returns to hit southern Israel with three waves of missiles largely intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system.

Luckily hit a house in Sderot fortunately without either victims or injured as the family that lived there was in a neighbor’s house. It could have been a massacre.

According to Israeli defense forces, the Iron Dome system has shot down seven missiles directed at population centers.

About 600 children who are part of the scout movement that were taking a trip to Eshkol Park were evacuated in the night.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is also the defense minister, said he was “in constant contact with the head of the IDF and the security officials” and said he had given orders to “take the necessary steps to ascertain who are responsible for the attack “.
No claims came from Gaza but Israel considers Hamas responsible for what happens on the territory administered by the terrorist group.

The Israeli reaction

Israeli response at night. The IDF has announced that it has hit several terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip with air strikes.

Among the targets affected, a military complex belonging to the naval forces of the Hamas terrorist group, a military complex belonging to the organization’s air defense system, a missile simulator, training facilities, an arms production site, and a military complex used as a weapons depot.