Israel is very concerned about the increase in cases of COVID-19 Delta variant. This was stated last night by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

In a speech to the nation, Bennett said that the government was taking steps to suppress the outbreak – attributed to the Delta variant originally discovered in India – in its early stages.

The Israeli PM called on Israelis to act with caution as the Delta variant could infect even those who have been fully vaccinated against the virus.

Bennet announced that the mask requirement inside Ben Gurion airport will be reinstated and that all arrivals will be tested against COVID-19.

The Ministry of Defence, in turn, announced yesterday that it would set up a testing complex at the airport, which is Israel’s main gateway.

Bennett went on to advise Israelis against travelling abroad, adding that in the near future the government may change its regulations on foreign travel.

Following an outbreak of COVID-19 in schools, the Israeli PM finally called on parents to vaccinate their children against the virus.

Experts: ‘protect borders and complete vaccinations’

Experts were also alarmed, and applauded the PM’s decision to reinstate the mask requirement at Ben Gurion airport and to test people arriving from abroad.

Protecting the borders is very important, says Moshe Bar-Siman-Tov in Yedioth Ahronoth. But it is not a simple matter, restrictive measures must be taken immediately that those entering Israel from any point.

“The recent outbreaks of coronavirus in Israel are cause for concern and should set off all the warning lights,” says Moshe Bar-Siman-Tov.

Israel has always been considered a pioneer in the fight against COVID-19 and is not infrequently taken as an example.

Even now, it should be taken as an example because it does not underestimate the Delta variant at all, nor the fact that children also need to be vaccinated.

But most important of all, the Israelis teach us that against the Delta variant the focus remains on strict border control.

Now it is up to our rulers to figure out how to move in advance to avert the fourth (announced) wave

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