Yesterday a senior member of Fatah attacked the United Arab Emirates for normalizing relations with Israel accusing the Arab country of betraying the Arab cause which is that of a single Palestinian state.

At about the same time one of the bosses of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad admitted that their goal was not at all that of the two states but that of a single Palestinian state with the expulsion of all Jews.

Abbas Zaki, a member of the Central Committee of the Fatah movement, the one that in the West they consider “moderate” and which is headed by Mahmud Abbas (Abu Mazen) attacked harshly the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammad bin Zayed (MBZ), for normalizing relations with Israel.

Zaki said that the UAE has betrayed the Palestinian cause and the Arab cause which is to liberate Palestine from the sea to the Jordan, including therefore the territory where there is currently Israel.

For the same reason in the crosshairs of Abbas Zaki there are also Sudan, Morocco and Bahrain. However the high Fatah official, while calling for the expulsion of these states from the Arab League, does not condemn the peoples but only their leaders and calls for their dismissal.

More or less at the same time came from Iran the declarations of the head of the politburo of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Mohammad Al-Hindi, who without mincing words admitted that the aim of the “Palestinian resistance” was not at all to create two states living in peace, but to create a single Palestinian state and to “throw all the Jews into the sea”.

Let’s be clear, this is not new at all, both Hamas and Fatah even have it in their statutes. That the head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad agrees with them is certainly not a surprise.
But since recently in European (and Italian) politics it has become very fashionable to talk about the two-state solution, with different nuances, it is good to remind these gentlemen who does not want this solution.

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