A leader of the pro-Iranian Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq threatened on Tuesday to respond to attacks attributed to Israel on the organization’s bases.

Referring to statements by Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, who accused Israel of carrying out the recent attacks, the militia leader said that Mahdi’s comments amounted to “a green light for the militias to respond and take revenge.”

Mahdi told Al Jazeera on Monday that investigations into recent attacks on the Iraqi paramilitary group’s positions indicate that Israel was responsible. This was the first time Baghdad has directly blamed Israel.

Overnight Friday, an unmanned aerial vehicle struck a Popular Mobilization Forces base in the Al-Bukamal area, near the border with Syria.

On September 19, drones attacked a company of Popular Mobilization Forces fighters in Syria, near the border with Iraq. Sky News in Arabic cited an Iraqi security source as saying that five people were killed in the attack, and nine more were wounded.