The Houthi rebels, armed by Iran, said last night that they had hit Saudi Aramco, the most important Saudi oil company, with six drones.

This was reported to the press last night by the spokesman of the so-called “Yemeni army”, Yahya Saree, who explained that the attack was carried out with “high precision” against a structure belonging to the oil giant Saudi Aramco in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

Yahya Saree also said that attacks on Saudi Arabia will continue and warned foreign firms and workers to stay away from strategic and / or military targets.

Meanwhile Tehran continues undaunted, against all international laws, to arm the Houthi rebels in Yemen while the world continues to attack only Saudi Arabia. Drones, ballistic missiles, high-precision weapon systems, the Iranians certainly do not skimp on military aid to the Yemeni Shiite rebels.

As well as for the Islamic gangs in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. But international diplomacy wants to negotiate with Tehran and maybe even unlock a few billion dollars currently under sequestration so that aid to terrorists can increase.

At the same time it (rightly) pilloried Saudi Arabia and those who sell it weapons. But if it is right to criticize Saudi Arabia, it is inconceivable that the same is not done for Iran which is behind (and is the cause of) all the major conflicts in the Middle East while arms the worst terrorist groups such as Hezbollah.

This double yardstick must end. It is right to criticize Riyadh but it would be right to do the same with Tehran and not try to go to dinner or lift the sanctions that block the billions of dollars that would otherwise flow into the financing of wars and terrorism.

The capital of Saudi Arabia was bombed (for the umpteenth time), and it was done with Iranian-made drones. The silence of the international community is unbearable.