A base belonging to the Guardian Corps of the Iranian Revolution (IRGC) located on the border between Syria and Iraq was bombed last night by unidentified flying objects (planes or drones).

According to Arab sources, a weapons and missile depot belonging to the Pasdaran located in the Syrian region of Al Bukamal was bombed by the mysterious aircraft.

According to the same sources, there would be no deaths or injuries among Iranian personnel but explosions could be heard at a distance of kilometers.

Immediate accusations against Israel that in this case does not confirm or deny having carried out the attack.

The affected base is the same one that Jerusalem has admitted to having struck on other occasions located in a strategic position to allow Iran to make the so-called “Shiite corridor” operational which Tehran intends to unite Iran with Lebanon through Iraq and Syria.

The “Shiite corridor” is used by the Iranians to bring advanced weapons to their regional allies, mainly to the Lebanese Hezbollah, in order to increase their ability to attack Israel.

In recent months, Israel has on several occasions attacked Iranian bases in Syria to prevent Tehran from supplying its regional proxies with advanced weapon systems.